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about risk international

We sleep better after our clients do. Risk management issues can force an organization’s focus to shift away from its core business. In today’s world, the threats of a constantly evolving global marketplace are rapidly growing in scope and magnitude. The reality is that risk management concerns build anxiety in companies.

Unmanaged risk will blindside, steal resources, diminish profits, and keep skilled managers laboring in areas outside their expertise. It’s a recipe for executive insomnia.

For those of us at Risk International though, risk management has a different side. It’s challenging, multifaceted, rapidly changing, data intensive, and requires the coordination of and close interactions with many people. For these reasons and more, we absolutely love to manage risk, and we choose to do only that.

Until our clients’ risks are analyzed and optimized, we haven’t succeeded and we don’t rest. We are risk management pioneers, and the only organization that offers the full array of hazard risk management services. Our breadth of service complements, augments, and protects all aspects of our clients' risk associated with the likelihood of harm or damage occurring from exposure to a hazard, and the likely consequences of that harm or damage.

Our ability to understand our clients, along with our independence from competing interests, enables us to truly see through the eyes of our clients and save them money, time, and loss of focus. Our passion for, and dedication to, the practice of risk management drives us to deliver what our clients need, when they need it.

How we know what it is to walk in our clients’ shoes. Risk International remembers what it is to be a risk management department within an organization that pursued a very different line of business - - in our case, offshore oil drilling and marine services with Zapata Corporation.

In 1985, Zapata was looking at cost cutting options, including moving their risk management department out of the corporation, which became Risk International. Once external, the new organization continued to provide high quality risk management as it had previously as a department, and began to add even more value. We helped Zapata improve their financial flexibility and offered them increased risk management service options tailored specifically to various needs at various times.

Risk International Services, Inc. officially opened its doors in 1986. We recognized that other organizations would benefit from our expertise and capabilities as a full service risk management outsourcing option just as Zapata had. That year we began providing a fully integrated program of risk management services to a Fortune 200 Company, BFGoodrich. Zapata and Goodrich remain clients to this day.

Our development of cutting edge risk management services, tools, and processes has continued for over twenty years, as has our dedication to a “client first” philosophy. Today Risk International is an award winning leader within the risk management industry, having been recognized by Business and Insurance magazine as one of the top five risk management consulting firms for the past five consecutive years. We are not, however, an insurance broker, and we are without affiliation to any insurance brokerage firm or commercial insurance company. Our independence frees us from potential conflicts of interest and empowers us to serve our clients without bias or competing agendas.

Our values and our passion have built our road to success. Our belief system puts our clients first, and governs every aspect of our work. We strive to exceed expectations. We honestly present our qualifications, recommendations, and conclusions to clients, even the unpopular or unpleasant ones, believing that full disclosure and transparency are key to strong partnerships with our clients. Moreover, we do not sacrifice the quality or quantity of work we provide to existing clients in order to add new ones.

As we have grown we focus on developing and demonstrating the highest levels of technical expertise and ethical conduct. It is for all of these reasons and more that we have gained a reputation for integrity, excellence, innovation, and consistent results.