claims recovery

To date, Risk International has recovered over $559 million in disputed insurance claims for our clients. We are not litigators. We are problem solvers. We negotiate challenging claims to settlement without argument or acrimony.

Customized, thorough, and effective insurance recovery. Risk International develops tailored and successful insurance claim recovery strategies to maximize policy proceeds and minimize transactional costs. A careful understanding of each situation determines which of the following services may be employed:

  • Reconstruction of past insurance coverage
  • Evaluation, analysis, and illustration of coverage
  • Review and abstract policies
  • Investigate and assess the facts and costs of the underlying liabilities, considering all past costs and appreciating all future costs
  • Notify all appropriate insurance carriers and respond to insurer correspondence
  • Manage extensive confidential information and document exchange with insurers
  • Evaluate coverage positions based upon current case law in respective jurisdictions
  • Establish computerized allocation methodologies to compare liabilities to coverage
  • Analyze and recommend recovery options and design recovery strategies
  • Development of reserve amounts
  • Negotiate settlements directly with each carrier, utilizing understanding of the carrier’s decision-making process gained by prior negotiations and personal relationships with decision makers

Our engagements are typically conducted through in-house counsel. As needed, we also partner with law firms to accomplish our clients' objectives. Risk International has long standing relationships with many law firms in the country specializing in insurance coverage litigation on behalf of policy holders.

Negotiating with Confidence. Our extensive experience with all major insurers gives our clients the advantage of established relationships. This enables us to negotiate with confidence so we can resolve claims without the need of undertaking costly litigation. The result, maximum insurance recovery with minimum transaction costs.

Information, the power to resolve claims quickly and efficiently. Our proprietary risk management information system gives us visibility and insight into our clients' claims data. This system empowers us automate many administrative activities. Essential functions of the claims resolution process are done quickly and accurately. Defense counsel payments, notice letters, and detailed reporting and tracking are all automated through our risk management information system. Complex scenarios can be modeled and analyzed from multiple perspectives.

We draw on our integrated array of risk management services to finish claims recovery work efficiently and successfully:

  • Recovery Administration
  • Data Management
  • Claims Settlement Negotiations
  • Litigation Support
  • Expert Testimony

Our work maximizes recovery potential from insurance carriers and minimizes transactional costs. It delivers exactly what clients need, when they need it. As a result, our clients remain focused on their business, and use their resources to plan, take advantage of opportunities, and maximize profitability.