risk management consulting

Every Program Is Unique. Michael Davis, President and CEO, explains the value of an independent consultant in your risk management process.

At Risk International, we always begin with understanding our clients. Until a client’s business and culture are completely understood, nothing sustainable can be accomplished. Step one of any engagement is to listen and learn about the goals, people, and risk tolerance of our clients.

Combining understanding with expertise produces customized solutions that are embraced by the organization. We offer a complete menu of consulting services including strategic and tactical risk management services that are uniquely customized to each client’s needs. Such solutions allow our clients to pursue their normal business objectives with greater confidence.

  • Total cost of risk optimization (TCOR)
  • Insurance company and brokerage / vendor benchmarking and selection
  • Risk related surveys, audits, and contract reviews
  • Loss exposures root cause analysis
  • Analysis of risk transfer gaps and adequacy of limits
  • Insurance company and brokerage evaluation and selection
  • Turnkey risk management department outsourcing
  • Merger and acquisition due diligence
  • Design and implementation of alternative risk financing programs
  • Preparation of coverage specifications
  • Management of insurance submissions, placement, and renewals
  • Evaluation and design of “captive” insurance programs
  • Evaluation, design, and management of self-insurance funds
  • Enterprise risk management (ERM)

Risk International is not a broker, doesn’t accept commissions, and is not paid based on the amount of insurance placed. As an independent risk management consulting firm, we offer fee-based risk services exclusively. Our dedication to the practice of risk management drives us to deliver what our clients need, unencumbered by competing interests.

Our approach applies world class expertise to every risk management challenge that often frustrates organizations. It delivers what a clients need, when they need it. As a result, our clients remain focused on their business, meet their objectives, and capitalize on their strengths.